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Navigating ideation to production. 

It all started in June of 2015, as I prepared to take my kids to their first Suzuki Institute.  I wanted to get as much out of the experience as possible, soak up every tidbit of information.  


It all started, with a "worksheet" I made for myself, and snowballed into this book.  I'm a full-time working mother of three Suzuki® students who also is involved in several volunteer adventures.  I spent many months in development, using careful observation, input from parents and Suzuki teachers and feedback from my children as they attempt to learn. My struggle to find a system that maximized my role as one side of the parent, teacher, student triangle fed my desire to create a template that not only worked for me, but aligned to the Suzuki methodology.  


After many months of talks with the ISA, a renaming and re-branding, and countless updates and revisions, I was given the 'go-head' from the International Suzuki Association in February of 2017. 


I have learned so many things as I launch this book;

1. I'm learning about trademarks and usage rights.

2. I've learned how to coil bind the books. Each one I inspect, and carefully package as I think of each of my customers.  

3. Suzuki said, "Every child can." But, I also know that every adult can too.  


Thank you for your interest in Lesson Compass, and I wish you well on your Suzuki journey.  


Signe McKie

Author of Lesson Compass

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This work represents the view of its author, and does not necessarily represent the view of the International Suzuki Association or its

regional associations. These materials are not intended to replace authorized Suzuki® Method™ teacher training, study with a

qualified Suzuki teacher, or Suzuki® Method™ core material, print or recorded. Permission to use  Suzuki® Method™ granted by the ISA on March 3, 2017.